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League of Women Voters helps songwriters protect themselves

With the current digital outburst, most songwriters are worried about the fate of their music career. Most of their songs are susceptible to cyber theft and this worrying trend among composers has made many of them isolate their gifted talents for the simple fact that someone somewhere will take advantage of their music.
Songwriters should take time and understand basic copyright law. They should also take the time to register their music with a professional music registration such as This will definitely grow their career a notch higher since there will be no reason for them to forego opportunities in the music business for fear of having someone steal their songs. And while no one can prevent someone from trying to steal songs, if someone tries, as long as those songs are at least registered with a credible, professional music service, you will always have evidence and documentation of that all-important “tangible-form date” – a critical element in any copyright dispute.
League of Women Voters helps songwriters protect themselves

League of Women Voters helps songwriters protect themselves

The Revised Copyright Law of 1976, and other related copyright laws,  provide clear protections the moment a song is created and first put into “tangible form.” From that moment on, copyright protection attaches, without the need for further action. And as the copyright owner, with minor exceptions you and your estate hold all rights to exploit that song, exclusively, for a lengthy period of time (generally for decades after the songwriter’s death).
This provides a comfortable turf for musicians and artists to enhance their creative skills without much trouble. But just remember to ensure you have a professional way to prove the necessary elements of these rules. And that’s where can offer you a lot of help!
Registration fees vary depending on which plan you need: Either just registering a few songs, or many.
So do read the Copyright Office’s literature on the added benefits of  also registering with them. But knowing these basics about what copyrighting a song really entails, and why you should always at least register it with a professional registration service, you can take your mind off the negative and move on to what every songwriter needs: creative peace of mind!

Diagnosing a Toilet Problem (For Plumbers in Airdrie)


A plumber working in Airdrie, Alberta

When you have a broken down toilet, it’s normally a mad rush to get it fixed. In many occasions, you can fix the problem by yourself. However, there are also some occasions that you are going to require the services of a plumbing company to help you fix it. The good thing with the plumbing companies is that they have a team of professionals who are able to diagnose the problem with your toilet and come with necessary tools, ensuring that you have a piece of mind.


When people retire to bed, water pressure begins to build. The increase in stress may be transferred to worn ball cock valve, and make it vibrate slightly. When you hear this moaning, you should get a new valve.

Ghost Flushing

Your toilet tank may start filling on its own. This might be due to: poorly fitting or leaking flapper and/or refill tube which is too long. A corroded or worn flapper seat is going to trigger water to drain slowly from the tank into the bowl. After some time, water level drops enough, and the fill valve kicks on.

Multiple Flushes

You can also flush the toilet, but instead get two flushes. The water level inside the tank could be so high. You should change the float management on fill valve. Try dropping the water level in bathroom tank one inch or so.

Whistle While it Works

When the toilet fills and is somehow finished, it’s makes some excessive pitched noise. Well, most likely you possess an old ball cock fill valve, with float ball on the arm. The valves normally close slowly when the water rises. The valve starts to vibrate when this happens. You should purchase brand new refill valve. The valves stay completely open until the bathroom tank is filled. Normally, the shut off is instant.

Tough toilet bowl stains

You might be having tough stains in the toilet bowl that will not just go away. When that’s the case you should not use abrasive cleaners. You should instead use vinegar, or muriatic acid in washing the bowl. It’s safer with white vinegar, though t takes longer. However, muriatic acid is going to clean it inside minutes.

Water Level Drops

After walking away from the toilet, you discover that the water degree somehow mysteriously drops. Two things might be the problem. Your toilet might be clogged partially(Double check here: which is located in Canada). The clog may give rise to a siphon, and pulls water out of the bowl. Another option is more severe: there might be some crack or some small defect within the toilet’s colon.

In conclusion, the above are some of the problems you might experience with your toilet. But when you experience some severe issues, then you should not hesitate to call a plumbing company to fix the problem.

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